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Checklist of moving family: 8 Tips for a Stress-Free Move with Kids

Moving family that has children, often times can be a real hassle. Various research suggests that moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. However, the effects on your kids may be considered major, as moving to a new house can affect children’s feelings, behavior, and social skills. Thus, as a parent, it’s your job to make moving family project as smooth as possible.

A positive outlook and well-thought-out preparations can go a long way toward relieving stress for your kids and making them look forward to the move rather than dreading it. Are you confused as to how to do this task?

Don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered! We’ve put together some advice and created this guide that’s jam-packed with tips to help you have a stress-free move with kids.

How moving family project should be organized?

Any kid can experience significant stress during a move. After all, it’s never easy for someone to uproot their lives and leave the place they spent their major years or formed significant memories. It can be difficult for them to see the positive sides of this massive change.

For instance, even though Ontario is a great place to raise kids, and there are plenty of reasons why families are moving to Ontario, it can be very difficult, on the other hand, for your kids to see the bigger picture and understand this.

Photo of a family unpacking after a move

Nonetheless, with enough forethought and inventiveness, you can turn your move with kids into an exciting journey. Quick hint – communication is the key.

So here are eight tried-and-true methods for helping children who are unhappy with the prospect of moving or change in general. 

#1 Communication is a key

It’s never a good idea to surprise your children with a move, no matter how close or far away it is. Instead, you should gradually introduce them to this idea of change. Give them manageable chunks of information on the things they care about most in relation to the relocation. Provide positive examples about the new place, so that your kids could look forward to it.

For example, talk about where they’ll sleep in the new home or, if they’re old enough, allow them to choose their own rooms. It’s always good to create freedom of choice in terms of decision-making. First, it will help their personality growth, and secondly, they will feel involved in the process as part of the team whose opinion matter. 

#2 Plan in advance

The success of moving family relocation project depends heavily on careful planning. However, this is especially true when dealing with children. Getting organized in advance (with the help of a thorough moving checklist) has several advantages, like lowering anxiety, avoiding missed items, and spending more time with loved ones while still getting everything done. Don’t forget to include the little ones in your plans so they’ll be prepared for the big day.

#3 Visit the new area before your move with kids

Unless you’re moving somewhere far away, it’s best to show the kids the house while you’re still living in the old one. If you’re already living in a relatively close area, you can also check out the new daycare or school, as well as the library, grocery store, and community centers.

In case you’re moving to Ontario from far away, show them photographs of these magnificent locations instead. Also, you can read about the best neighborhoods with elementary schools for your children to have a smooth school transition period.

Real estate agent showing a house to a family with a young kid

#4 Maintain your regular routine

Children need routine, and this is especially true during times when their environment is particularly unstable. Try your best to bring them to their after school activities and do not forget to have that family dinner to discuss all concerns your children may have.

A sense of security can be achieved and a meltdown avoided by simply maintaining regular hobbies, food, and sleep routines

#5 Hire reputable movers

You should ideally have your kids taken care of by a babysitter while the movers are there. But remember that missteps and timetable shifts are common in any relocation, so be ready for anything.

Hiring reliable, kid-friendly, skilled movers who can get the job done right and won’t endanger your children is a major step in the right direction for success in moving family project. Therefore, take your time to do thorough research and make sure to hire the finest movers Ontario has to offer. 

You can find the best residential movers assessed by the Executive Moving team here.

#6 Pack the essentials and the kids' room last

When we travel, our essentials are typically the last thing we pack and the first thing we unload. Apply this to everything you own. Think about what you use the least and pack it first. As a result, these things are the last to be unpacked.

Also, it’s a good idea to leave the kids’ room as it is for as long as possible. Having a safe place where they can go to relax will do wonders for their mental health. In addition, have the movers load the kids’ furniture, toys, and other items last.

That implies the kid’s stuff will be the first thing unloaded when you get to the new place. Also, remember to take with yourself children’s favorite toy so it can soothe them if they get fussy.

#7 Prep your new home before your move

It’s essential to notify your service providers of your impending move. Utilities, including phone service, power, and internet, should be disconnected and redirected to your new address.

When you moved into your new house, you should have completed it. Your little one may want to see that episode of Cocomelon right away.

Also, this is especially important if you own a business that must remain operational immediately, as you must have a landline, electricity, and an internet connection in place the moment you move in.

You must notify the post office of your new address to continue receiving mail and any applicable government perks.

You can check our checklist for changing the address in more detail.

#8 Stay positive during the moving day

Let go of any frustrations you may have on a moving day, and remember to take deep breaths and drink some water if it gets a bit stressful.

Never forget that the move to a new home, new job, or new province is, at the end of the day, a GOOD thing.

Even if your children are particularly demanding, maintaining a happy and patient demeanor will certainly rub off on them. It doesn’t hurt to at least give it a try, no matter how difficult it might seem from this perspective.

Family of three unpacking after a family move

Final thoughts

We hope our tips help you organize a smooth and stress-free move with kids.

Remember, the key to a successful move lies in hiring experienced and friendly movers to help you every step of the way and communication with your children as well as your partner.

So wait no more get your free quote and start planning your fun family adventure.

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