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Type of Local Moves

Internal & Labor Only

Moving furniture within your house or office building and just need some manpower.

Residential Home

Relocate your residential home furniture to a new place.

Full Packing

Need to pack the whole house or office, specifically the small and loose items in boxes.

Office & Warehouse

Relocate your commercial facility items to a new place.

Apartment & Condo

Relocate your apartment or condominium furniture to a new place.


Keep, move in or out your items to a secured and climate control self-storage unit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A full-service moving company must provide a comprehensive moving services such as a full packing, long term or short term storage, unpacking, specialty items moving and long distance or even international moving services.

Such moving company should be able to pack your household possessions, label them, load and transport your items to your new home or storage. A full-service moving company should dismantle and reassemble regular household furniture which is too bulky to carry in its current state. In addition to that, it should also be able to relocate home appliances and remove debris from new place as per client request.

Moving is an arduous task that no one should attempt on their own unless the move consist of only a few light items. It is a significant duty that requires a lot of effort and attention, even with the support of family or friends. But even so, lifting heavy items can cause serious bodily injury, and things might break for mishandling during the process.

Professional movers are trained on how to properly pack your items into boxes, load them into a moving truck, and ensure that everything arrives at your place securely and undamaged. If you hire someone to perform all of the physical labor, you can spend your time on things like setting up utilities, forwarding your mail, and preparing your new house.

Searching for moving companies on the search engines like Google or Bing can be a good start. However, it is important to take time to read the reviews for the moving companies in your area.

Another great way to find a movers is to inquire your friends or family members to determine their experience with the past moving companies that they used. Chances are if the feedback and reviews are positive, it is likely that your move will go smooth as well.

Another strategy to consider is a reputation and expertise. Often time such companies are more expensive, however have best abilities to perform your move and provide customer care options. The moving company you choose should be fully insured and also certified by the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM). Try to find the most dependable moving company with flexibility and attention to exact needs of your particular move.

Most of the Canadian moving companies charge by the hour, although there may be additional charges for extra labor, vehicles, gas surcharge, and other things. And the prices for those surcharges may vary by different companies. There are also a few companies that provide flat rate moving services.

Before you make the decision, get a detailed quote in writing from the moving company, including the costs, as well as the terms and conditions.

General rule of thumb for hourly rate is to find out when hourly rate starts and ends. Try to find out whether there are any flat fees associated with the move and what exact cases for ones to be applicable.

In special cases when moving company provides a flat fee it is very important to find out what flat fee covers exactly – in other words, whether flat fee gets the job done to the full satisfaction of a client.

All this information will help you to determine and adjust your anticipated budget for the move.

Remember to notify your utility company, insurance providers, banks to update your old address. It is also important to notify your Canada Post and arrange for a mail redirection service to forward mail to your new address. You can easily do it online or at your local Post Office.

It is important to consider the trip for both you and the moving company. When the movers come, have everything ready to go; otherwise, you may get extra charges for holding them waiting to start moving process. In addition to that, identify and oversee the packing of delicate pieces that the mover is supposed to pack.

For long-distance moves, make sure you ask for an inventory list before moving things – best practice guidelines dictate that all items must be tagged and documented by the mover, and a copy of the inventory must be provided to you for your records.

When your belongings are being unloaded at your new location, mark off each item and make a note of any changes to the inventory or damage, report it to the service provider for the future insurance claim.

Before you hire a moving company and sign the contract with them, make sure you inquire about a coverage policy in case of damage or loss of items or building.

The general rule of thumb for any moving company is that $0.6 cents per 1 lb per 1 items must be part of the contract without additional charges for local or long distance moves. It is provincial standard.

There should be an additional options presented by well established moving companies like replacement value coverage when the client must declare total items value and pay additional fee with or without the deductible charge in case of the claim situation. Such charge may vary from $50.00 to all the way $200.00 for each $10,000.00 declared value.

Nonetheless, it is important to understand that such option is not insurance, but replacement value coverage. Moving companies does not act as an insurance broker.

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