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Moving Supplies 101 - Toolkit Essentials for Moving Out

While you’re focused on moving to your new home, one of the most overlooked processes is packing & moving your things in one piece. Moving supplies are not just limited to cardboard boxes and tapes. Comprehensive toolkit essentials for moving out should include your supplies, moving equipment, supplies for fragile items, cleaning supplies, etc.

Ideally, you should have all the supplies you need from this checklist at least 2-3 weeks before you move. You can get most of these moving supplies at your local store at a reasonable price.

To begin with, let’s look at the supplies you need for your moving day so that you have an easy-breezy packing and moving experience for your big day!

The only essentials for moving out you will need:

1. Boxes: One of the most important tips for a hassle-free move is to use boxes. Boxes help you keep track of your belongings and make it easy to transport them to your new home.

Moving boxes come in mainly 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. To make moving easier, it is important to know what items to pack into what size box.

When you’re looking for the right box for your belongings, size and weight are important factors to consider. If you have light to medium items, a larger box will do the trick.

If you have fragile or heavy items, however, you’ll need a smaller box to make sure nothing gets broken in transit. And for glassware, it’s best to use boxes that come with pre-assembled dividers.

That way, there’s no risk of your glasses getting jumbled up and broken during the move. Label your boxes as you pack. Use coloring tapes or markers on multiple sides of the boxes.

2. Packing Tapes: When it comes to packing up your belongings, you want to make sure that everything stays secure during transit. That’s where standard packing tape comes in – it’s great for sealing up boxes so that nothing falls out en route to its final destination.

If you’re moving heavier boxes, you can reinforce them with duct tape for added support. Using a tape gun is a quick and easy way to dispense packing tape, and buying your packing tape in bulk rolls is a great way to save money in the long run.

3. Mattress Covers: Mattress bags are one of those things that are often overlooked but are essential for anyone who is moving and wants to keep their mattress clean and free of dirt, dust, and bedbugs.

They are relatively inexpensive and easy to find. Get the right size bags for your mattress and box spring, and make sure to put them on before the move so your mattress stays clean and free of any unwanted pests.

4. Dollies and Hand Carts: Dollies and hand carts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of them have handles, and others will fold out into vertical or horizontal positions. Residential moves can be facilitated by using a simple hand truck to stack moving boxes of different sizes.

Always check the weight-bearing capacity of any dolly, hand cart, or platform truck to ensure a seamless move. We recommend renting hand trucks and dollies from a moving company rather than buying them. Make sure you read the instructions to avoid injury from misuse.

5. Furniture Pads: In the case of large appliances and furniture that won’t fit under a moving blanket, consider renting or buying furniture pads. Before renting or buying, determine what items could benefit from this extra padding so you can get the right amount.

Be sure to ask your movers if they will provide you with moving blankets/furniture pads on your moving day.

6. Cleaning Supplies: Before your big move, put together a cleaning kit with all the essentials like a broom, dustpan, paper towels, sponges, and degreaser spray! And don’t forget your toiletry bag.

On moving day you’ll be glad you have your toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, contacts and contact solution, soap or hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and other necessary items all in one place.


Pro-tip: While you’re shopping for Essentials for Moving Out, pick up a couple of bubble wrap rolls. This will come in handy later on when you’re packing your fragile things up. If you’re low on bubble wrap, don’t fret! There are plenty of other materials you can use as paddings such as newspaper, mailer sheets, old clothes, linens, and any bubble cushioning roll you’ve saved from shipping packages. Keep your things safe during your move by getting creative with what you have on hand!

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Essential Moving Day Kit:

There are a few extra Essentials for Moving Out that can come in handy if you want to be confident everything is under control when you are moving to your new home. Make sure you have plenty of packing materials, like boxes and tape, and consider getting some help from friends or family members.

Taking the time to plan and prepare will make the process go much smoother. Here are a few essential moving supplies you wouldn’t want to miss:

  • Box Cutters & Scissors: From packing and unpacking to opening and closing boxes, scissors and/or a box cutter will come in handy during your move.
  • Bags: Large plastic bags come in handy when you’re packing for a move. They can hold clothes, shoes, toys, curtains, bedding, and other non-fragile items. And if you’re worried about losing small items, look for airtight bags to store them in.
  • Moving Blankets: If you’re looking for a way to protect your furniture or keep delicate items safe, moving blankets are a great option. These blankets can be wrapped around furniture or any other items to prevent them from being damaged.
  • Cargo straps or rope: When you’re loading up your truck for the move, it’s important to use cargo straps or rope to keep your belongings from sliding around. You can either tie them down to the sides of the truck or other items, but make sure that you use thicker straps for heavier furniture so that it doesn’t get damaged in transit.
  • Padlocks or Disc locks: To best protect your belongings, it is recommended that you use a disc lock with your rental truck or moving container. Keep the key to the lock in a safe place where it cannot be lost.
  • Tool Kit: A screwdriver, wrench, scissors, utility knife hooks, and wires should suffice for most tasks, but keep an extra set of tools handy just in case you need them during your move.
  • Gloves: Invest in some work gloves and wear them on your moving day to protect your hands from cuts, scrapes, and punctures.
  • First Aid Kit: Make sure you have a first aid kit packed with anything you could need for fixing cuts or stings. You should have bandages, disinfectant, and pain relieving ointments.

Being prepared is key when it comes time to move. By gathering the right Essentials for Moving Out, you can be assured to have a successful and smooth move. Our list will help you inventory what moving supplies you have and what else you may need.

Getting your hands on these items before packing will help with organization and safety during the move. Plus, it’ll just make the whole experience much more enjoyable. Go ahead and check everything off your list!


If you are moving to your dream home soon and you haven’t started the moving process yet, you’re in the right place! Our Executive Moving Concierge team is here to assist you every step of the way, from the initial planning stages on getting Essentials for Moving Out to all the way through to your actual move.

Use our price estimator tool to get an estimate of the cost of your local move, or get 3 quotes from three top-rated moving companies. You can also schedule a virtual onsite estimate, or book your move with a top moving company. We’ll make sure your move goes smoothly, from start to finish! 

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