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The Seniors Moving to Retirement Home - Checklist.

Senior moving into Retirement Home

Spending the rest of your life in a retirement home with good company, a clean and peaceful environment, and the freedom to pursue your interest is a dream for every senior citizen.

Picking the right senior retirement community for your move plays a major role in your retirement stay. While there are several options to select from, you need to be aware of your needs and requirements. Based on this you can choose the right retirement home, whether it is an independent living, assisted living, group home, or nursing home.

To make the right decision, try talking to the senior community in and around the area from different retirement homes. This will help you understand the real pros and cons of each retirement home. 

But, before you move into your dream retirement home, you will need a list of things to make the process seamless. To make this easier and hassle-free, we have a list of things you will need before moving into your dream retirement home.


Executive Moving Concierge Review on Seniors Moving to Retirement Home

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1. Choosing The Right Retirement Home​

When looking for the perfect retirement home, you need to keep several things in mind. For example, are you looking for a one-bedroom living space or more than one room, to make it convenient for your family to visit?

The type of maintenance level and the neighborhood that meets your standard is also very important factor to consider.

Remember to check if they offer any recreational activities suitable for you, because this way it may increase the comfort of your stay substantially.

Driving distance may play a big factor when the family wants to come to see you, thus it is important to consider whether the retirement home is inside or outside the city.

Addressing these points will help you narrow down your options and make the whole transitional process a lot easier. 

Finally, consider arranging a tour for yourself to experience what it’s like to be in the vicinity of the place. Get to know your fellow mates and the staff assisting on your moving day.

2. Choosing The Right Moving Company

A very few retirement homes offer transition management services, which again comes with a few limitations. To avoid these restrictions, hiring a moving company that offers services tailored to your needs will make the entire process stress free.

When you are looking for a moving company, things that you will need to keep in mind are:

  1. Whether a moving company is reputable: The best way to identify a reputable moving company is by checking the company’s reviews and affiliations with associations like the Canadian Association of Movers. This is a major indicator that the moving company was successfully operating for a number of years and was accepted by the major moving associations. In addition, the company should be reliable and must guarantee you a safe and secure experience. Try to look for testimonials on the search engines like Google, social media pages, or online forums.
  2. Price and services: Different companies have different prices based on their services. Depending on the number of items, the distance, additional services such as packing or storage services, and the number of movers required, the company will give you an estimated quote accordingly. Having your options open and knowing how each company works and the difference between their offerings will give you a fair idea of choosing the right moving company.
  3. Customer service: It is very important to make sure that a moving company’s customer service representatives are polite and willing to answer any of your questions related to moving services. The best moving companies are great at communicating with clients and reassuring them about the moving process from the beginning when the move is being reserved and till the very end when the move is being completed.

Tip: Most moving companies offer packing services with a specialist who will assist you through the entire process. To help you out, we have listed down the top moving companies in Ontario specific to each area. Know more by visiting our website and choosing from a wide range of top moving companies tailored to your needs.

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3. Downsizing and Decluttering

Once you have visited the retirement home of your choice, you will now have a fair idea of the things you can take with you that fit the place. Before you start packing, take an appropriate count of your belongings. As you start sorting, you will come across a few things that are not in use anymore. These things can be donated to nearby charity centers or freecycled. 

Now, we understand the love you hold for some special items which you do not want to giveaway. You can pass it down to your loved ones to handle these things with care and love. Taking only the items you need will make the downsizing much simpler and faster. 

Once you have sorted all the items you can now put them into different boxes. If needed, visit your new home multiple times to understand the space and its limitations.

4. The final steps

Before your moving day, call the moving company to confirm the timing and arrival at your new home. Pack all your last-minute essentials and walk yourself through all the boxes and luggage to ensure you have everything ready. Cross-check with the necessary documents required on arrival and keep them safe with you. Check if the paperwork is completed by both the parties, you and your moving company.

Notify the people around you and institutions about your move. Let your close ones have the address of your retirement home, in case of an emergency they will know who they need to contact.

While the above points are an essential part of your checklist, there are a few necessary steps you will need to complete. Such as informing all the parties, creditors, banks, and subscription services about the change of address. Plan your healthcare needs, weekly and monthly tablet refill, and get your medications in order. Do not forget to pack the necessities such as everyday clothing and personal care items for your stay.

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BONUS: Along with a well-planned checklist, here are a few tips you need to know before moving in!

Moving into your retirement home can be a bit stressful. When moving out, you might want to consider a few tips to help you settle in quickly and comfortably.

  1. Before moving into your new place, pay a visit to your primary care physician. Be up to date with your medical records and speak to your doctor about your move. They will let you know if there is anything you need to pay special attention to or documents that the retirement home will require to take better care of you. Make sure to transfer all the documents to your new physician at the retirement home once you move in.
  2. Get along with your fellow residents. Know who you will live with or who is staying next door. If you have any questions about the new place, you can ask them and start building a conversation over lunch or dinner to understand the environment better and for you to live comfortably. Participate in events and activities organized by the community, share your hobbies with fellow residents, and learn a new hobby with them.
  3. Try to unpack as soon as you move in and organize things around you. It will make you feel at home as you look at things that belong to you, that is filled with memories, and hold a special place in your heart. Here is another chance to ask your roommate or your neighbor to help you organize your things; A great way to make friends in the community and feel at home.
If you followed the article up to this point, you should have a good idea of how to successfully use senior moving to retirement home methods to get the most benefits possible.


Before you start ticking off your checklist for your moving day, have you contacted the right moving company to assist in the whole process of moving to your ideal retirement home?

No worries, we have got you covered. Here, at Executive Moving concierge we assist you right from the beginning. Check our price estimator or get a quote from 3 top-rated moving companies and find out the approximate cost for your local move, schedule a virtual onsite estimate, or book your move with a top moving company.

This will make your senior move into a retirement home an easy one.

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