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7 Tips to Help You Move Long Distance on a Budget

Moving long distances is not only a challenging process to organize but also relatively expensive. Moving long distances is rarely something you do on a whim; this decision is likely essential, and a hefty price tag of moving across state borders might seem like a big obstacle.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to reduce the cost; there are several things you can do to reduce your relocation expenses. That will relieve you if you think long distance moving is outside your budget and makes relocation easier.

That’s why we at Executive Moving would like to share seven tips to help you move long distance on a budget that your family will appreciate.

1. You can pack without professionals

Packing is an essential part of any move. If done correctly, moving and unpacking at the new location will be a breeze. Hiring professionals is a great way to ensure that everything is packed adequately, but the cost of this can go into hundreds, even thousands of dollars, depending on the time required for packing.

So get yourself a pan and paper, inventory your things from room to room, get a lot of boxes and duct tape, and pack. The intelligent thing to do is to pack and label things by the rooms in which they were; that way, you will know precisely where to unpack them at your new home. Also, ensure you wrap delicate items correctly, and you can use heavy-duty trash bags for clothes and blankets.

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One essential thing when moving long distances on a budget is to understand that you don’t need to move everything. Throw away or donate everything you don’t need; it will slow you down. To declutter, use heavy-duty trash bags to pack and discard all unwanted objects, you can do this as a family, so the entire process is quicker.

2. Even a time of day can influence the price of your move

It may be hard to believe at first, but the timing of your move will affect your relocation’s price tag. When moving long distance on a budget, be aware of the dates when moving companies charge the most for their services.

You should avoid the month’s first and the last weeks, the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and weekends. The perfect time for a move when trying to reduce the steep price of it is the middle of the month.

This tip is situational; sometimes, we don’t have much choice in deciding when we want to move, but if you have the luxury of choosing when to move, avoid peak moving dates to save money. So, plan your long-distance move smartly.

3. Free moving supplies will help you move long-distance on a budget

We might be overwhelmed by the number of things we need to secure for a safe and peaceful trip. Even worse, everything needs to get paid for, and we must strain our already limited budgets to relocate successfully.

However, you can find some essential moving supplies for free. Contact nearby retailers, online marketplaces, and community groups when looking for used supplies like boxes, packing paper, and packing tape.

They will happily share everything they no longer need for free, so it’s a win-win situation. Asking your friends and family is also a great way to help them get rid of all the stuff they don’t need but is necessary for you.

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4. Your employer can be helpful when moving

If you are moving because you landed a new job at your destination, contact your new employer. Many companies will be considerate of your needs, and moving long distances is something they can help with.

Reach out to the HR department of your new company and ask if they cover the cost of a move. To move long-distance on a budget means that any help you can get is essential, so any intervention from your employer is a big deal.

So, contacting them is the right move; many companies even have preferred moving companies that they could recommend to you. If your employer covers the full or partial cost of moving, keep all your moving receipts so you can document your moving expenses properly.

5. Ask family and friends for help

This tip is another great way to save money when preparing for a long-distance move. We already mention that people near you can supply you with the necessary stuff to move.

However, they can also lend a hand in packing, cleaning, washing, decluttering, etc. That is a great way to complete all the moving tasks coming at you thick and fast.

Just be aware, when asking people who are not professionals for help, you will need to be mindful of their schedule, do not ask them to help out when they are occupied.

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6. Search for discounts

If you are doing your research thoroughly, you will likely encounter a generous discount from a moving company—no need to emphasize that this is something you should use as soon as you discover it.

When accounting for the steep cost that moving companies charge for a long-distance relocation, any discount will help you stay within budget. Also, if you have served or are serving in the military, you can find several deals that will help you move long-distance.

7. Shipping your stuff can be a good option

While not the most popular among movers, shipping your stuff might be a good move when you are on a limited budget. That is a great option when you don’t have a lot of things to move, so if you have decluttered your home thoroughly, you can ship everything you need to your destination.

It’s a convenient moving option that needs to be considered more by people looking to move long-distance on a budget.


In this article, we tried to give you the best tips to save money while moving long-distance on a budget.

It’s still a challenging and expensive process, but with our shared knowledge, you can move long-distance on a budget reasonably quickly.

So, good luck in your endeavors, and have a safe trip.

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