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How to choose a moving company in Canada

How to Choose a Moving Company in Canada: 15 (9+6) Untold Secrets of A Good Mover

Have you ever wondered how to choose a moving company?

Well, in Canada, a good moving company contains – insurance (is bonded), awards with no red flags, multiple years of experience, affordable quality service, and recognized associations such as membership of the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM). We will go over some of the most important aspects of moving to make sure that you are fully prepared for your move.

I will let you know the criteria and tips for choosing a good moving company. Are you down?

Let’s dive deep directly.

Table of content

  • Why is Hiring a Professional Moving Company Important?
  • How to choose a moving company in Canada: 15 (9+6) never failing signs of a good mover
  • When should I start comparing moving companies?
  • 13 Foolproof Ideas on How to Save on Your Move

Why is Hiring a Professional Moving Company Important?

For anyone, Moving ~ Stressful. With the help of professional movers, you can get a stress-free move. Moving companies are available in almost every area across Canada. They offer various services, from packing, loading, transporting, and unloading your belongings.

Professional movers can do the stressful heavy lifting for you. They will pack everything that needs to be packed, load all the boxes onto their trucks, and drive them to your new location. You don’t have to worry about a thing!

Here are some reasons why hiring a professional moving company is essential:

  • In the long run, you will save money
  • You won’t have to worry about the logistics of your move
  • There will be no need to pack up all your belongings from your end
  • Professionals will handle your belongings with care

How to Choose A Moving Company in Canada: 15 (9+6) Never Failing Signs of A Good Mover

Do you want to move across Canada?

Then it’s a burning question – How to choose a moving company? I think it’s tough for anyone to find the best suitable moving company. Some major criteria are there.

Stay with me. I will reveal some untold secrets to you!

Infographics on 15 never failing signs of a good mover

Take note of the following 9 major never failing signs of a good mover –

1. Insured (Bonded) Movers

Ensure that the selected mover is insured (bonded) because some scams exist. To avoid these scams, you need to make sure movers are bonded.  

Any insured mover is more trustworthy than an uninsured one. If any insured mover did some damage to your property or your belongings while moving, there are more chances to get compensated.

2. No Red Flags out there

From quotes to advertisement messages to websites to phone numbers… everything, check everything you can to ensure no red flags for your selected moving company.

You can ask your friends and family about that moving company to check their reputation, professionalism, and experience.

No red flags mean you are GOOD TO GO!

3. Years of Experience

The expertise and authoritativeness of any company grow with their years of experience. When an employee of a company is skilled enough & served for a long time in any specific industry, we can trust them. Isn’t it?

It’s one of the universal criteria of trustworthiness, without a doubt.

4. Affordable With Quality Service

You will get my best suggestion: Choose the best option, not the cheapest. Choose an affordable option with quality service, offline reputation, better online reviews, Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating, and full-Service availability.

If the best moving company is out of your range & you have a tight budget, I suggest you pick the best affordable option.

5. Better Online Reviews & Quick Response from Movers

Before buying a product or service, everyone loves to pick up their phone to research online first.

A report published by GE Capital Retail Bank found: Consumers conduct online research before purchasing 81% of cases. This HUGE percentage starts their buying journey with online research.

So, it’s easy in the days of the digital era to check customer reviews on different review platforms, social media platforms, and the overall perspective of that brand to the customers. Another important factor is – how the company responds to their reviews and queries.

Pro tip: Some brands do fake reviews on online platforms. Be aware of that. It would help if you counted those reviews in which the profile appears to be that of a real person.

6. Higher Social Media Engagement

Why I picked that? When you discover a brand has higher social media engagement, that means that the brand has a more extensive customer base or audience.

Likewise, there is a chance to get more info about them from their social media posts.

7. Award Winner

A top-flight is an award winner in any industry. Everyone knows that, right?

Award winner moving company or relocation company in Canada will surely get a head start to position in your final list.

8. Full-Service Solution Availability

Make sure all the services are available in your selected moving company. Otherwise, it would not be a hassle-free move in the end.

9. Higher Rating of Better Business Bureau (BBB) or membership of Canadian Association of Movers

Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates businesses. There is a high chance of quality movers if they have a higher rating.

Also, moving companies that are part of the Canadian Association of Movers must meet certain requirements in order to be admitted to be part of the association.

Thus, this shows a higher standard of a particular moving company when it comes down to moving services and business establishment.

Additional 6 aspects you should consider/compare among different moving companies to get a safe & efficient moving in Canada –

  1. The flexibility of payment options: Various payment options will give you more convenience.
  2. Free quote availability: Almost all companies offer free options online or offline. So, check the websites of your short-listed movers and get free quotes.
  3. Reliability & Reputation: Ask your friends, family, and neighbors about their reliability & reputation. If these 2 factors are GREEN for any moving company, you can relax and play with your kids on your moving day! 🙂
  4. Professionalism: Some movers show professionalism in every step of the moving journey. Some are not. When signing a contract, keep that in mind about the professionalism of that moving company.
  5. Hidden costs: It’s a tricky part of the moving scenario. Most of the companies didn’t mention any specific pricing on their website. Therefore, you need to make sure manually if there are any hidden fees or not.
  6. Contact details including address, email, and local number: These things are a must to rely on any moving company in Canada. Not only in Canada but anywhere in the world.

When should I start comparing moving companies?

It will help if you compare moving companies when you want to move. You might not be sure how to compare moving companies, which is okay. I have put together some tips on what you need to know when comparing moving companies.

The first step is to compare your needs and wants.

  • Do you need packing?
  • Do you want to move on a specific date?
  • What is your budget?

Once you have answered these questions, it is time to compare moving companies.

You can compare moving companies in many ways, but the best way to do this is by getting quotes. Ensure that the relocation company has all the services you need and that their quote includes those services, so there are no surprises when the time comes.

Make sure that you are getting quality moving service with affordable pricing.

To answer this question, I want to remind you of the idiom: Early bird always gets the worm.

If you can’t compare early, then wait for an onsite estimate. When an onsite estimate is done, start comparing quotes from different moving companies.

I hope you got the idea.

13 Foolproof Ideas on How to Save on Your Move

As you prepare for your move and start to pack up your belongings, it can be a frustrating matter for you. Certainly, there are many things to be done before your move, during your move, and after your move.

Packing up all of the items yourself can take a lot of time and energy.

Some people think that they can save money by packing their own boxes, but this is not always true. You will not buy wholesale packing materials. Right? The best way to save money on a move is to find movers who are reliable and trustworthy.

Moreover, unprofessional packing could result in loss or damage to your belongings.

13 Foolproof ideas I can share with you that will help you to save on packing materials and make moving more affordable:

  1. Renting a truck or making arrangements with your friends
  2. Claim your moving expenses (Learn more about the claiming process of moving expenses, we suggest consulting with your accountant)
  3. Claim your corporate relocation incentives
  4. Arrange a garage sale
  5. Pack yourself & only what you need
  6. Avoid peak hours and days to move
  7. Keep an alternative plan
  8. Buy goods in bulk at discount stores
  9. Use reusable containers
  10. Hire offer flat rates movers to stick with the moving budget
  11. Get quotes from 3 different movers and compare them
  12. Take time to learn about moving scams and how to avoid them
  13. Move in with family or friends for a few days during the transition period

Read the detailed article to learn Canada’s Proven Ways to Save Money on Moving Expenses.

Final Words

So, if you stick around this long we hope now you are able to answer the question of how to choose a moving company.

Price, reviews, and experience are all factors to consider. Now you have 15 (9+6) NEVER FAILING TIPS to choose a good moving company in Canada.

Oh, the last thing, share this article on your social media if you think this article helps you. Your friends and family can grab these tips from your share.

For more moving tips and tricks, click here.

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