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How Much Do Movers Cost in Toronto

How Much Do Movers Cost in Toronto?

In this article, I will give you a glimpse of movers cost in Toronto. As we all know, Toronto is often cited as one of the most densely populated cities & being among the world’s most urbanized cities in Canada. It is also one of the best places to live in.

And with a population that is growing exponentially, it’s not surprising that Torontonians are always on the move! For you, I have done research on popular movers in Toronto about their pricing.

The cost of movers in Toronto depends on the size of your home, the distance to be traveled, and the type of move.

For example, if you are moving to a small apartment across town, it might cost less than $750. However, if you are moving a large home across town, it could cost up to $5,000. 

Generally, most movers charge by weight and by the hour. Frequently we answered “It depends” for some questions. Because few factors are responsible to vary that situation.

Read the article till the end to save your money.

Why knowing the mover’s cost is essential?

Simple. Save time & money.

You might be familiar with the situation where people are annoyed about the higher payment for moving activities or unaware of the hidden costs of moving companies. Movers can provide a wide range of services to their clients with a different range of pricing.

Generally, transportation, packing, loading, securing, unloading, and other activities are included in the moving packages. But, if you are not aware of the breakdown of services or pricing, you might need to pay more, which is an unexpected thing, right?

No one expects that situation. To avoid unexpected charges, knowing the mover’s cost is worth it!

13 Factors affecting your moving cost

There are more than 13 factors affecting your moving cost. But, from my experience, the following 13 factors are significant in the moving activities. That is why I enlisted here –

  1. Home Size & Number of Movers
  2. Season
  3. Distance & Duration
  4. Total shipment weights
  5. Quality of Packing
  6. Type & Size of Vehicle
  7. Physical Effort
  8. A base moving fee of movers
  9. Moving Insurance
  10. Optional charges such as packing services
  11. Storage
  12. Cleaning
  13. Additional service requirements (i.e. child care & pet care)

Moving to a New Location in Toronto: Costs & Rates

When moving to a new location in Toronto is on your to-do list, you need to check the detailed breakdown of your total cost. If you are a budget guy, then knowing the cost and rates will help you to save money from your wallet.

You can add or delete services from your mover to adjust your budget. For better budget management, we divided the total cost into two categories –

  1. Basic moving cost
  2. Optional or additional moving cost

Basic moving cost

Consider these costs as mandatory expenses. The cost may vary for different companies, seasons, the day you move, and some other relevant factors. So, please keep this in mind.

Size of House


Recommended Number of Movers

Estimated time to move

Hourly charge


Average price range

(Tip & extra services are not included)

1-Bed Apartment

2 movers

3-5 hrs. (+ Travel hrs.)



2-Bed Apartment

2-3 movers

5-7 hrs. (+ Travel hrs.)



3-Bed Apartment

3-4 movers

7-9 hrs. (+ Travel hrs.)



4-Bed Apartment

4-5 movers

10-14 hrs. (+ Travel hrs.)



Extra Large Home

5-7 movers

15+ hrs. (+ Travel hrs.)



Most professional moving companies have insurance coverage. So if you need full value protection by movers, then consider your cost will be higher.

You may have a pool table, motorcycles, lawn tractors, or large-sized furniture. It would cost you some extra to move it. If moving distance longer then transportation cost would be higher, that makes sense, isn’t it?

When more movers are required and your house is large (3 or 4 bedrooms) or extra-large (5 or 6 bedrooms), the moving company may need 2 or even 3 trucks to move your belongings. So, check their capacity and try to hire 1 larger truck rather than 2 small-size 2 trucks. Check school activities on your calendar and the weather before setting up your moving day. It will help you to avoid uncertain situations or last-minute issues.

An infographic on the average price of basic moving cost

From the above infographic, you can see that the moving price of small-sized apartments (1-2 beds) ranged from $700-$1700.

Medium-sized apartment (3 bed) ranged $1700-$2500. The large-sized apartment could move with $2500+.

This price ranges based on the size of any house. But, some moving companies’ pricing is based on weight.

Keep this point on your note.

Optional or additional moving cost

This cost is optional to you. In other words, Beyond The Basic cost. So, there is a chance to add more services or delete them from your list.

Surely, I can say it is a WISH LIST for you.


Size of House





Additional service charge

Packing & Unpacking

Reassemble & disassemble

Storage cost

Transportation+ temporary lodging or hotel stay + meal

Stair fee & Cleaning costs

1-Bed Apartment

$25 per mover

$800 – $900

$65-$75/hr per mover

$250 – $350

Depends on your budget

Discuss with your mover

2-Bed Apartment

$25 per mover

$900 – $1000

$65-$75/hr per mover

$600 – $650

Depends on your budget

Discuss with your mover

3-Bed Apartment

$25 per mover

$1000 – $1200

$65-$75/hr per mover

$800 – $900

Depends on your budget

Discuss with your mover

4-Bed Apartment

$25 per mover

$1200 – 1350

$65-$75/hr per mover

$1000 – $1150

Depends on your budget

Discuss with your mover

Extra Large Home

$25 per mover


$65-$75/hr per mover


Depends on your budget

Discuss with your mover

Hoping, you will not need all the additional services from professional movers in Toronto. But, I tried to enlist a few additional services that are offered by moving companies.

If you require additional services, just choose them. However, if not or you can manage by yourself, money is saved!

What can be done to reduce moving costs in Toronto?

In terms of reducing the moving cost, my suggestion is to get basic services from moving companies and not to take optional or additional services. How come?

Do it yourself. Plus, you can seek help from your friends and family. Moreover, select a suitable time to move and pick a cheap moving service in Toronto.

Here in detail –

Avoid peak hours, select suitable time: Save money while moving

Peak hours of the week or season may increase the cost a bit. If your intention is to lessen your cost, then avoid peak hours and days of a week or month.

Toronto is a busy city. Therefore, you need to move the best cost-effective time to avoid wasting time and money. From our experience, we can recommend some suitable time to move. Check the followings-

  • Suitable months: September to April
  • Suitable days: Monday to Thursday
  • Suitable time of the day: Early morning
An infographic on selecting a suitable time for moving

How to find cheap movers in Toronto?

Now, you know about your estimated cost for your relocation activity. It’s time to deal with the movers, right?

Cheapest is not always the best choice. You need to choose the best service with the lowest price. That’s why I have compiled a list of 3 pro tips to help you find the cheapest option in Toronto. Here you go –

1) Check for reviews

2) Get quotes from multiple moving companies & compare prices

3) Ask about insurance coverage

What to consider when hiring a cost-effective professional mover in Toronto?

You need to check the following points to select a cost-effective professional mover in Toronto-

  • Licensing and credentials
  • Careful, reliable, and friendly moving companies in Toronto
  • Award-winning movers
  • Wide range of services available
  • Hassle-free moving
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden cost
  • Service quality, safety, and access to the container
  • Customer rating & reviews
  • Customer support facility
  • Operating hours
  • Full-service availability
  • Service area coverage
  • Pros & cons etc.
  • Social media engagement

If most of the above points have positive feedback, you are good to go with your selected mover.

Wrap up

I want to alert you about the low-quality moving service. Do not compromise on quality moving service. Otherwise, they will break or damage your belongings. 

From planning to execution, make a to-do list, and seek help from friends and family who lived in Toronto to reduce your moving cost.

Take the screenshot of the mover’s cost in Toronto from this article to check the price later or you can bookmark this article for your reference.

To get more moving tips and tricks, just click here.

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