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Moving to Mississippi: A Comprehensive Guide to the Magnolia State

Hey there, future Mississippian! If you’ve got the urge to enjoy a state steeped in rich history, jazzed up with soulful blues, and sprinkled with good ol’ southern hospitality, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’re talking about moving to Mississippi – where the tea is sweet, the summers are warm, and your neighbors might just invite you over for a barbecue.

Mississippi’s culture is as diverse as a buffet table, but hey, don’t fill up your plate all at once! There’s more to explore, including low cost of living, over 50 technical schools, and weather patterns that practically beg you to wear flip-flops year-round. 

From selecting a moving company to finding your dream home in the city that fits you like your favorite pair of jeans, we’ve got the goods. 

So, grab a sweet tea, sit back, and let’s break down the most important things about moving to Mississippi. It’s so good; you’ll want to put it on a biscuit!

Here is the List of 11 Things to Consider When Moving to Mississippi

Gearing up for the Big Move to Mississippi

Planning on moving to Mississippi is like cooking gumbo, you’ve got to have all your ingredients in place before you start. First on your list? Secure a solid moving company. 

Whether you’re driving a U-Haul filled with your life’s belongings, or hiring professionals who can handle the heavy lifting, make sure you’ve done your homework. 

Look for a company with a professional website and years of experience – they’ve seen it all, including that one time someone tried to pack a live alligator. We don’t recommend that, by the way.

But hey, don’t forget about your mail. USPS has a mail forwarding service that will make sure all your prized junk mail and pizza delivery coupons follow you to your new Mississippi address. It’s a little over a buck for 6 months, and let’s be honest, you’ve spent more on lattes.

Now, about those items you don’t need anymore, like your collection of vintage snow globes? If they won’t serve a purpose in your new Mississippi life, it’s time to let them go. Sell them or donate to a good cause. Your move will be lighter and you’ll start afresh in the Magnolia state!

First Steps on Mississippi Soil

Just touched down in Mississippi? Here’s your to-do list. First, update your new address with all the necessary authorities. This isn’t a game of hide-and-seek; you want people to find you! Especially the DMV

They have a knack for always knowing where you are. Jokes aside, it’s essential for exercising your right to vote, ensuring your bank statements find you, and keeping your health insurance in check.

Time to swap your old driver’s license for a Mississippi one. Just like trading a cardigan for a Hawaiian shirt, it signifies a change. And remember, you have 60 days to do this, but hey, why not get it done earlier and use the extra time to explore your new surroundings?

And, your car needs to feel at home too. Make sure you register your vehicle within 30 days of settling down. Otherwise, you might have to pay a $250 penalty – and who wants that when there are so many great BBQ joints to try out?

Mississippi's Finest Living Spots

Choosing a place to live in Mississippi is like picking your favorite BBQ sauce. It depends on your taste.

For families, we recommend Madison. It boasts a low crime rate, excellent educational institutes, and plenty of outdoor activities to keep your little ones busy. It’s like a playground, but with a lower chance of scraped knees.

If you’re single and ready to mingle, Jackson’s your spot. With a lively atmosphere, plenty of job opportunities, and the University of Mississippi as its heart, you’ll never run out of things to do. And who knows, maybe you’ll find your future partner in a jazz bar, or while out walking your dog!

trees and lawn in spring time

Embracing Mississippi's Weather

So, you’re in Mississippi now, and if you didn’t notice yet, the weather here has more mood swings than a toddler denied ice cream. When it’s hot, it’s like your oven preheating for a family-sized casserole. When it’s cold, you’ll wish you had that casserole to keep you warm.

Start with embracing the air conditioning because you’ll be best friends in the summer. If you hear someone from Mississippi say, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity,” they mean it. Make sure to stay hydrated, wear lightweight clothing, and, when in doubt, find a nice porch to sip some sweet tea on.

Winter, on the other hand, can bring about a crisp chill. It won’t rival the Arctic, but you might want to invest in a good jacket and some cozy socks. Keep an eye on the weather forecasts, and remember, a little frost doesn’t mean the apocalypse – although some locals might act like it.

Employment Opportunities in Mississippi

Landing a job in Mississippi is like fishing; you need the right bait and patience. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of fish in the sea, and by fish, we mean jobs.

Healthcare, manufacturing, and education are big players here. But if you’re in technology, don’t fret; the tech scene is bubbling like a pot of Mississippi’s famous gumbo.

Research companies that align with your skills and interests. Network like you’re at a family reunion, and don’t hesitate to reach out to local contacts who might help you find that dream job. 

LinkedIn is your friend, but so are local job fairs and community events. Just be yourself, and soon you’ll be contributing to the Magnolia State’s economy!

Education in Mississippi

Sending your kids to school in Mississippi is not unlike sending a spaceship to Mars. Okay, maybe it’s a bit less complicated, but it’s still a big deal!

Mississippi offers a variety of educational options for the young’uns. Public schools, private institutions, and even homeschooling opportunities abound.

For higher education, the Universities of Mississippi and Southern Mississippi stand tall, like the wise old oak trees you’ll find in town squares. Community colleges? They’re here too, providing solid education without breaking the bank.

Choosing the right education path might feel like navigating a river without a paddle, but with a little research, school tours, and chats with local parents, you’ll find the perfect fit. Just remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. 

Like choosing your favorite Southern pie, it’s all about what tastes right for your family.

Mississippi's Healthcare System

If you’re planning on moving to Mississippi, understanding the healthcare system is as crucial as knowing how to make a proper Southern biscuit. Messing up either could lead to an emergency!

On the professional side, Mississippi has a range of healthcare options. From rural clinics to state-of-the-art hospitals, the Magnolia State is equipped to patch you up, even if you’ve had one too many helpings of fried catfish.

Now, if you’re seeking health insurance, you might feel like you’re navigating a maze made of medical jargon. But fear not! Employers often offer healthcare packages, and if you’re self-employed or uninsured, the Health Insurance Marketplace is there for you, like a trusty neighbor with a cup of sugar.

Remember, friends, regular check-ups are more important than checking your social media feed. So, find a good doctor and dentist, and keep yourself as well-maintained as a classic Southern garden.

cabs in the city

Transportation in Mississippi

Getting around Mississippi is as easy as pie, and we all know how much we love pie down here! With a mix of highways, interstates, and country roads, you can traverse the state like a pro.

For city dwellers, public transportation is available, though it might be less punctual than Grandma’s Sunday lunch. If you’re planning to drive, brace yourself for the occasional tractor parade and keep an eye out for those beautiful scenic routes.

Biking and walking can be delightful, especially in historic towns with charm to spare. So, grab a map or a GPS (because we’re not total old-timers) and get ready to explore. Just don’t forget your manners when yielding to fellow drivers. A little “Southern hospitality” goes a long way on the road!

Culture and Leisure When Moving to Mississippi

When it comes to culture and leisure in Mississippi, we’ve got more flavors than a gumbo pot on Mardi Gras!

The state’s rich cultural heritage includes blues, jazz, and a literary legacy that’ll make you feel like you’re walking through a Faulkner novel. Visit the Mississippi Blues Trail or enjoy a book festival; there’s always something cooking.

Foodies, prepare to loosen your belts. From smoky BBQ joints to elegant Southern fare, you’ll find culinary delights that will have your taste buds dancing like they’re at a Delta juke joint.

For those who prefer outdoor activities, Mississippi’s parks and rivers offer everything from hiking to fishing. And if you’re a sports fan, you better get ready to shout “Hotty Toddy” or “Go Dawgs” come football season.

So dive into the Mississippi culture. It’s a feast for the soul, with a side of laughter and a dollop of wisdom. Like a great family gathering, there’s something for everyone, and everyone’s invited!

person hiking in the forest

Cost of Living in Mississippi

Living in Mississippi, you’ll soon find that your dollar stretches farther than a bowl of well-made pulled pork. Often ranked as one of the most affordable states in the U.S., Mississippi lets you live well without breaking the bank.

Housing in Mississippi comes at various price ranges, but they all carry the common theme of affordability. Whether you’re renting or buying, it’s like getting your favorite dish at a discount. You can find spacious family homes or cozy apartments without leaving a dent in your wallet.

Utilities, groceries, and transportation follow the same budget-friendly theme. It’s like a never-ending happy hour for your finances! The money you save here might even enable you to indulge in more of those Mississippi delicacies. Now, that’s what we call living the Southern dream!

Income and expenses comparison table:

DescriptionIncome (Average)Expense (Average)
Median Household Income$45,792 
Average Individual Income$27,700 
Average Housing Cost $9,600
Average Transportation Cost $4,300
Average Food Expense $3,500
Average Healthcare Expense $4,900
Average Education Expense $1,400
Total Average Expenses $23,700

(Note: The values are approximate and may vary based on location and lifestyle within Mississippi. Always consult local sources for precise information.)

Business Opportunities in Mississippi

Think of business in Mississippi as a potluck dinner – everyone’s invited, and there’s something for all tastes. The state offers a fertile ground for entrepreneurs, big corporations, and small businesses alike.

From cutting-edge tech startups to traditional agriculture, Mississippi’s business landscape is diverse. Incentives, grants, and supportive communities make it an attractive place for investment. It’s like the state’s rolling out the red carpet for business, but with a charming Southern twist.

Local products, such as seafood and timber, provide unique opportunities for sustainable business models. Meanwhile, the flourishing tourism industry opens doors for ventures in hospitality, entertainment, and more. 

In Mississippi, doing business isn’t just about profits; it’s about becoming part of a community where success tastes as good as fresh cornbread!


Well, butter my biscuit, you’ve reached the end of this guide, but the journey of moving to Mississippi has just begun! 

With its charming blend of cultural richness, diverse living options, and weather that only occasionally throws a wintery curveball, Mississippi has something for everyone.

Whether you’re a lover of the great outdoors, a fanatic of scrumptious cuisine (who isn’t?), or just someone looking for a laid-back lifestyle with a side of excitement, Mississippi will not disappoint. It’s like a great gumbo – a little bit of this, a pinch of that, all stirred up into something magical.

But don’t forget the practicalities: Update your driver’s license, pick the right health insurance, and maybe take a dance class or two (because you’re going to fall in love with the blues). Remember, it’s not just a move; it’s an adventure. 

Mississippi is calling, and y’all better answer – it’s considered rude to ignore a phone call in the South! Now, go on and get moving, and don’t forget to send us a postcard from the Magnolia State!

Here are some more tips and tricks!

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