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Moving Companies in Regina for Hassle-Free Moves

Best Moving Companies in Regina: Top-Rated Companies for Hassle-Free Moves

Regina City in Saskatchewan province. Southern Saskatchewan. Hmm.. also known as “treeless Regina” due to its environment. Moving from or to Regina is on your to-do list. It’s true, isn’t it? A professional moving company can achieve this. Stop panicking 🛑. I’m here to find the best moving companies in Regina, Saskatchewan province, Canada ✅.

Brief overview of Regina as a city [For those of you who don't know]

The capital city of Saskatchewan province in Canada. Before 1882, Regina was named Wascana.

Population: 226,404 (2021)

Attractions: The Small Spring Run-off, Albert Memorial Bridge, Wascana Centre, Wascana Creek, Willow Island, Wascana Lake, Royal Saskatchewan Museum.

Significant areas in Regina city: Lakeview, Coronation Park, North Central, Arcola East-North Side, Normanview West, Lakewood, Uplands, Albert Park.

Regina is the commercial center of Saskatchewan province. Located in the Southern part. University of Regina (Best Global Universities in Canada Ranking: #25. Best Global Universities Ranking: #935) is also there.

Common Outdoor Activities

Golf clubs include Flowing Springs Golf Greens, Horseback Riding Tours, Sundance Balloons, and birdwatching, biking, and hiking. Learn more about the best Trails in Regina.

What to consider when hiring a moving company as a Regina resident?

Don’t forget to ask 4 questions to your moving companies in Regina –

  • Are You Licensed and insured?
  • Can you provide references or customer testimonials?
  • Are There Any Extra Fees or hidden costs I should be aware of?
  • How Long Will the Move Take?

What to expect when hiring a moving company in Regina?

  1. Comprehensive moving plan and schedule
  2. Experienced and trained professional movers
  3. Transparent and honest pricing
  4. Appropriate storage solutions if necessary.

When hiring a professional moving company as a Regina resident, here are some factors to consider:

  1. Experience & Reputation
    Before hiring a moving company in Regina, evaluating their experience and track record in this industry is a must. The company’s years of experience will give you confidence.

You will likely not trust any careless movers.

Check the moving companies’ reputation by reading online reviews and Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings. Plus, check social media profiles. Ask your friends and local people or community about that moving company.

Note: Don’t forget to believe the local recommendations if you are an outsider.

  1. Services provided
    Some movers offer few services. In contrast, some offer FULL service. As a relocation expert, I recommend reviewing their services like packing, storage, moving specialty items, etc.

  2. Pricing

No Transparent Pricing? You should avoid these movers.

Cause a professional mover will offer you transparent pricing for your move to a city like Regina. While considering factor pricing, you need to know about their estimation process, which will help you align it with your budget.

Ask the movers about their hidden fees, seasonal pricing, booking system, etc., to reduce your moving cost.

Make sure the movers provide you with an in-home quote.

  1. Professionalism

Professional Behaviour, documentation, reliability, and expertise should be checked to ensure a smooth moving process.

They should be courteous, respectful, transparent, and punctual to provide a professional moving experience.

  1. License, Insurance, Terms, and Agreements with Details

To avoid legal issues, check their license as well as insurance coverage. When you sign your agreements, make sure the terms and agreements come up with the details.

  1. Equipment and Vehicles

Proper Equipment type and the condition of moving vehicles are quite important. Cause well-maintained trucks & quality equipment can lead to a safe move.

  1. Customer Service
  • Are they responsive to your inquiries?
  • Do they address your concerns promptly?
  • Are they open to resolving issues promptly?
  • Is customer satisfaction a priority for them?

If yes, go for it ✅

If not, say NO to that moving company ❌

In Regina, you will find so many moving companies. Find movers in Regina that will provide quality customer service.

Top Moving Companies in Regina

You need those movers whose moving skills have been spot on. It’s okay. I am here to tell you about the best movers in Regina. Few Regina moving companies offer top-notch services. In contrast, some offer the worst services.

So, it’s time to stick with me.

1. Big Steel Box [Best for moving large volumes]

Big Steel Box

In Regina, you will find industry leaders like Big Steel Box. It is a well-reputed company across Canada that offers local move, long-distance move & storage.

About container: You have enough flexibility in choosing small to large containers (Up to ∼10000 LBS containers are available). Plus, the containers are Rodent-free.

Big Steel Box offers high-level security while moving.

Schedule flexibility and Move at your own pace available.

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday (8:00 am – 5:00 pm)
Services offered: Full service available
Pricing structure: Not available on the website
Online Reviews: 4.7 (269 reviews analyzed)

Big Steel Box rating, service, and operational days

Useful links:

Note: They charge on an hourly basis and provide moving supplies on the day of the move 🙁

Location of Regina, Saskatchewan

Contact Details in Regina

4850 B Victoria Ave E, Regina, SK S4Z 0B1

Call: 306-721-0085

Website: bigsteelbox.com

2. Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving

Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving website

Local moves, long-distance moves, even move special items, or storage services, Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving is there.

Operational areas in Saskatchewan province: Regina & Saskatoon. Check other locations across Canada from here.

Operation: Monday – Friday
Services offered: Full service available
Pricing structure: Not available on the website
Online Reviews: 4.6 (546 reviews analyzed)

Get a Free And Quick Quote. Read their blogs.

Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving rating, service and operational days

Contact Details:

Email: sales@twosmallmen.com

Call: +1 604-436-3338

Website: twosmallmen.com

3. ALERO MOVING & STORAGE [Experienced Mover]

The reputation of ALERO MOVING & STORAGE is quite good.

Experience? Over 24 years of service across Canada.

Truck availability: 75+ trucks & highway tractors are available to serve your need.

Available storage types:

  • Household Storage
  • Commercial Storage
  • Warehousing and Distribution

Operation: Monday – Friday
Services offered: Full service available
Pricing structure: Not available on the website
Online Reviews: 4.25 (106 reviews analyzed)

Alero Moving rating, service and operational days

Free Moving Quote: Click here & Read the ALERO MOVING blog

 Contact Details in Regina:

Email: chrisg@aleromoving.com

Phone: 1-306-757-6022

2363 2nd Avenue, Regina, SK, S4R 1A5

Website: aleromoving.com

The website is not super organized and NO social media engagement 🙁 found.

4. KYLE'S TRANSPORTATION LTD. [Best for Commercial & Residential Moving]

Over 3000 commercial and residential moving projects, 20+ years of experience, and 10000+ happy customers are the numbers that can assure you about the solid dominance of KYLE’S TRANSPORTATION LTD.


Operating hours: AVAILABLE 24/7 (By Appointment)       
Services offered: Commercial & Residential Moving
Pricing structure: Not available on the website
Online Reviews: 4.9 (239 reviews analyzed)

KYLE'S TRANSPORTATION LTD rating, service and operational days

Social media pages are not linked to their website. Plus, the website is not well organized. I don’t like this 👎

Useful resources from KYLE’S TRANSPORTATION LTD
Request A Free Quote
Check their service page.

Contact Details in Regina:
Call or Text Kyle: (778) 889-4654
Call or Text Robyn: (306) 526-7822
Email: robyn@kylestransport.com
Address: 305 Dewdney Ave. E, Regina, SK S4N 4G3
Website: https://kylestransport.com/

5. Regina Movers [Best for Local Moving]

Agent of Metropolitan Movers Inc.:

  • Local moving company
  • Affordable pricing
  • Full service available
  • Trained movers
  • Free moving insurance
  • Very competitive pricing
  • 7 days a week available

Read their Blog
Get Free Estimate

Regina Mover's rating, service, and operational days

Contact Details in Regina:

Call: (306) 988-0442

Website: https://www.reginamoving.ca


I suggest you select a professional mover from the above list if you want a stress-free move.

My 1st recommendation: Big Steel Box
My 2nd recommendation: KYLE’S TRANSPORTATION LTD.

Check our Price Estimator. And for Onsite Estimates 🙂

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