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Best Commercial movers you can trust in Calgary

Best Commercial movers Calgary, AB you can trust

No one expects any Plot Twist while moving. Because moving itself is a stressful task. When it comes to commercial moving Calgary & need to deal with office items like file cabinets and office furniture, it is sensitive as well.

To ensure a safe commercial move from or to the Calgary area, pick the best commercial movers for your next office move.

Let me tell you the top picks from our corporate moving experience.

Ready? Let’s dive.

Table of Content

  • Commercial Move & Movers: Definition
  • 5 Commercial movers you can trust in Calgary
  • Final Words

Commercial Move & Movers: Definition

In case you don’t know the answer to the question… What is Commercial Move?

A commercial move is when a business or organization moves to a new location. Commercial moving includes the physical and digital relocation of the company’s data, records, and equipment. Commercial moving involves transferring office items such as furniture, computers, factories, warehouses, and other commercial establishments.

In other words, it is a specialized relocation service typically used by businesses that need to move their offices or business structures. This moving service includes packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking office items from one location to another.

In some cases even specialized services such as disassembly or assembly of racking, and moving of extremely large or heavy equipment.

5 Best Commercial Movers Calgary You Can Trust

5 Best Commercial Movers in Calgary

1. Sparta Movers

Already clicked on their website? If not, then you might not see this line on their website: “Personable, Professional, Tailored and Structured Calgary Movers”

Why did I highlight that? Because they are dedicated to the Calgary area.

#1 Sparta Movers: Calgary Movers

Why they ranked #1 for the commercial moving category in Calgary?

  • Dedicated Calgary mover who has experience in Calgary office moving
  • Affordable & quality moving
  • They offer a HEADACHE FREE moving
  • Check the following pros and cons before making your hiring decision –


  • They offer coordination, planning, and scheduling to help your office moving plan
  • A dedicated business moving consultant is available from them.
  • Office Moving: They cover from START to FINISH.
  • Uniformity & consistency throughout the moving journey
  • Award-Winning Calgary Movers
  • Full-Service Solution
  • Pool Table Moving, Safe’s Moving, Air Hockey Table Moving, and Fish Tank Moving services are also available
  • They offer risk analysis & necessary measures for your office moving.
  • Sparta Movers focus on details. How? They mentioned obstacle management, including access points, elevators, parking, stairs, and loading ramps on their website (If you need them, they will provide them). And there is some special equipment available if required.


  • Less social media engagement

Use the following contact details for your commercial moves:

Call: 403-402-7992

Address: 4451 61 Ave SE Bay #3 Calgary, AB T2C 1Z6

Website: Click Here

2. Metropolitan Movers

Want to relocate your office to or from Calgary? Need a well-trained, reliable, trusted, and affordable moving service? Go with Metropolitan Movers, so there is no way to feel any Plot Twist while moving.

You will mostly find Metropolitan Movers if you list down the top 5 or 10 commercial moving companies in Calgary, Alberta. Metropolitan Movers has been offering services in 18 places for the past ten years. It has been marked as the top-growing business in Canada for the last two years.

#2 Metropolitan Movers - Calgary Movers

Why ranked among the 5 best commercial movers in Calgary?

  • Express Moving (same day) is available upon request.
  • Experienced mover: 10+ Years of experience
  • Portfolio: 60,000+ successful moves
  • Skills: Trained & careful movers
  • Safety: Guaranteed
  • Member of the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM)

But I want to let you check the following pros and cons before making any decision –


  • Weekend schedules are available, especially for commercial/business moving for no or minimal business disruption
  • Storage services long term and short term
  • One-Stop-Shop for all moving needs
  • Free overnight storage in the truck
  • Friendly and flexible movers
  • Installation of floor runners and hallway protectors available
  • Virtual estimates are available


  • Client rating 4 out of 5 (152 reviews analyzed)
  • No specific pricing is mentioned on the website

Use following contact details for your commercial moves:

Call: 647-691-1120

Email: lukas@metropolitanmovers.ca

Head office address: 101 St Regis Crescent S, North York, ON M3J 1Y6.

Website: Click Here

Check our Executive Moving PRICE ESTIMATOR to find out the estimate for your move

3. Highland Moving

Highland Moving is a moving service that was founded in 1890. So, it’s over a century of service.

I think this type of long-experienced moving company can quickly handle your next commercial moving activity.

Am I right? I think so & surely you will agree with me after trying their commercial moving services.

#3 Highland Moving - Calgary Movers

Why ranked among the 5 best commercial movers in Calgary?

  • 132+ years of experience (From 1890-2022)
  • Canada’s largest family-owned moving company
  • Specialized in Calgary Moving, or I can say across Alberta.
  • A reputed local company in the moving industry
  • Repeat customers & referrals are the core strength of their business


  • Corporate employee transfers are eligible for volume discounts
  • COR Certified moving company
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating: A+
  • Fully equipped moving service
  • They are skilled & professional commercial movers
  • Member of the Canadian Association of Movers
  • Competitive Pricing


  • The pricing/pricing calculator is missing on the website

Use the following contact details for your commercial moves:

Address 1: 320 28 St NE Calgary, Alberta, T2A 5R2.

Call: 1.403.720.3222

Address 2: 14490 157 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta, T6V 0K8.

Call: 1.780.453.6777

Website: Click Here

4. AMJ Campbell

Relocation of your office or even just a storage solution? AMJ Campbell will help you move smoothly. Need a revamp of your office space to or from the Calgary region, you can get a virtual quote from AMJ Campbell.

If you are downsizing your office items, they have a storage facility to support your business with concise notice.

Get a quote here from AMJ Campbell

#4 AMJ Campbell - Calgary Movers

Why ranked among the 5 best commercial movers in Calgary?

  • 500,000+ business moving experience
  • 2,500 Licensed, bonded & insured movers
  • AMJ Campbell is Canada’s largest coast-to-coast moving service.
  • Follow a proven smooth moving process
  • Trustworthy, friendly, and reliable corporate moving professionals


  • 85+ years of moving journey
  • Mostly positive reviews across the internet
  • Virtual estimates are available
  • Sanitation protocols are hospital grade
  • Movers using PPE
  • They relocate large furniture, complete workstations, and sensitive equipment with extra safety protocols
  • Maintain the latest guidelines for federal & provincial safety. In addition, they ensure their employee safety as well.


  • No information was found about the operational hours.

Use the following contact details for your commercial moves:

Address: 1722 118 Avenue Northeast Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Website: Click Here

5. Calgary Movers Pro

Were you trying to find a better commercial moving solution in Calgary?  Calgary Movers Pro is one of the best options available for your needs.

#5 Calgary Movers Pro - Calgary Commercial Movers

Why ranked among the 5 best commercial movers in Calgary?

  • 25 Years of experience in the moving industry
  • With years of experience, Calgary Movers Pro handled some of the most significant commercial and industrial moves in the Calgary Area.


  • Local commercial move & long-distance commercial move is easy with them.
  • They offer planning, coordination, and proper moving for the equipment of your office move.
  • A dedicated team of experts is there in the commercial moving service of Calgary Movers Pro.
  • They offer their services from several locations across Canada.
  • Movers are skilled in assembling and disassembling your office items.
  • They are super skilled packers & use specialized moving tools for sensitive items or equipment for commercial change of address or relocation.
  • Efficient space utilization in trucks, no unnecessary space left.


  • Customer review is not up to the mark
  • Social media profiles are not active

Use the following contact details for your commercial moves:

Call: +1 (587) 741-9000

Address: 330 5th Avenue SW, Suite 1800, Calgary, AB T2P 0L4

Website: Click Here

Final Words

Are you looking for the best commercial moving company in Calgary? Pick one of 5 Best Commercial movers you can trust in Calgary. We researched a lot to give you our top picks in this article. Please note that you should pick the best suitable commercial mover among these 5 for your next office move, but keep another one as a plan B. You know, all the plan B owners have a success record.

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