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Are there any loans for moving or other financing options?


Yes, there are many personal loans for moving providers in Canada.

Usually, you can get a loan of up to $50,000.00 with around 5% interest rates to finance your move.  This option has way lower interest rates than simply credit card providers. It also typically has fixed repayment terms, thus you can anticipate when exactly debt will be repaid in full. In addition to that, this option is most of the time unsecured, which means you will not need collateral.

Another possible option can be a rewards credit card that can get you up to 10% cashback on a particular amount you spend.

Last but not least is selling used items on Facebook marketplace, Kijiji, Craigslist or simply doing a quick garage sale. This would work two ways to your benefit, first, you would get money for the items, and second, you would not pay movers to move them.

So, the next time you think of hiring professional movers, consider these options to finance your move.

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