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A Comprehensive Guide to Moving to Delaware: Everything You Need to Know

Hip-hip-hooray! You’re pondering over the idea of moving to Delaware! This pint-sized powerhouse, and it is a real gem of the United States and deserves your serious consideration. Housing affordability, a landscape sprinkled with nature’s splendor, and tax benefits so generous they’ll have you doing a happy dance – all await you in the delightful state of Delaware.

A state that’s every bit as inviting to young couples as it is to growing families and those mellowing into their golden years. Why, you ask? Because Delaware is a treasure trove of prestigious educational institutions, gorgeous sandy beaches, community parks that make you want to picnic every weekend, and shopping outlets that are heaven for retail therapy addicts.

Plus, did we mention no sales tax? That’s right, you can shop till you drop, without worrying about the extra dent in your wallet.

There’s more to know, so strap in, we’re going on a quick journey through the wonderful world of Delaware. “Delaware, here I come!”

Here is the List of 12 Things to Consider When Moving to Delaware

Prep Work Before Becoming a Delaware Denizen

Hey there, future Delawarean! Prepping for moving to Delaware involves a couple of critical steps. You know, the kind of stuff that makes moving smoother than a dollop of cream cheese on a freshly baked bagel.

Firstly, it’s about finding a reliable moving company. Sure, you could do it yourself, but who wants to risk a hernia lifting that old, heavy recliner? Instead, consider hiring seasoned professionals who can whisk your belongings to Delaware with expertise that would make a magician blush. 

Check for stellar reviews, professional-looking websites, and years of experience that guarantee your items will be handled with care.

Mail forwarding is next on your list. USPS is your best buddy here, offering mail forwarding services that ensure your bills, letters, and those random catalogs you never subscribed to, all make their way to your new Delaware address. The service is as cheap as chips, so don’t hesitate!

Finally, seize this opportunity for a fresh start by decluttering. Bid farewell to items you won’t need in Delaware, either by selling them online or donating them to charity. Trust us, it’s liberating!

First Steps Upon Arriving in Delaware

Congratulations! You’ve made it to Delaware. But hold your horses, there’s a bit more to do before you can fully embrace your new Delaware identity.

Firstly, update your address with the relevant authorities, like the DMV. Register to vote and be ready to exercise your democratic rights in the Diamond State. Also, don’t forget to update your address with your employer, bank, doctor, insurer, and service providers to avoid any future confusion or complications.

Secondly, you need to transfer your driver’s license to Delaware. The state expects you to do this within 60 days of establishing residency. Don’t fret! The process is as easy as pie. Just visit a DMV office with your documents, and you’ll be on your way to legally drive on Delaware’s roads.

And, of course, if you’ve brought a car with you, it needs to be registered in Delaware too. Skipping this step could leave you with penalties, and who needs that kind of hassle?

Picking a Place to Stay When Moving to Delaware

Now comes the fun part – picking your new nest in Delaware! If you’re a couple, Happy Valley might just tickle your fancy with its urban vibe, buzzing nightlife, and numerous amenities. Think of it as a date night haven, minus the sky-high price tag of larger cities.

And if you’re single, ready to mingle, and crave excitement, consider Greenville. Its booming economy and vibrant nightlife offer the perfect blend of work-life balance.

Finding Your New Abode in Delaware

Ready to find your dream home in Delaware? For apartment seekers, there’s a multitude of websites at your disposal like Apartments.com, and Zillow. A few clicks and scrolls, and you’ll be one step closer to your perfect apartment.

But if you’re looking to plant more permanent roots with a house of your own, you’re in luck. Websites like Century21, and again Zillow can be your guiding light in your quest for the perfect Delaware dwelling.

Just remember, a house becomes a home not because of its size or grandeur, but because of the memories you create there. Happy house hunting!

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Setting Up Utilities in Your Delaware Home

Welcome to your new home in Delaware! Now, to make it habitable and comfy. First things first, setting up utilities is a top priority. Delaware Public Service Commission is your go-to source for investor-owned utilities in the Diamond State. They’re like the gatekeepers ensuring you have reliable, reasonably priced, and safe energy and telecom services. Their website is a treasure trove of information on electricity, water, and gas providers, so don’t miss out!

Secondly, make sure your internet and phone connections are solid. Delaware’s connectivity is right up there, with some of the best internet providers in the country. With multiple options for speed, price, and connection type, finding a service that suits your Netflix binge-watching or professional Zoom meeting needs is a cinch.

Decoding the Cost of Living in Delaware

Living in Delaware doesn’t mean you need to be a mathematical genius, but knowing your numbers will certainly help. Especially when it comes to the cost of living. 

On average, a couple can live comfortably in Wilmington, the most populous city in Delaware, for about $2500 a month. Yes, you read that right!

This estimate includes essentials like rent/mortgage, utilities, groceries, entertainment, insurance, and miscellaneous expenses. It’s like the golden ticket to a comfortable Delaware lifestyle without breaking the bank. 

So, while Delaware might not have leprechauns, it certainly has its pot of gold at the end of the cost-of-living rainbow!

Income and Expense Table Comparison for Delaware

DescriptionAverage Amount (USD $)
Monthly Income After Taxes$4,500
Monthly Rent (2 Bedroom Apartment)$1,200
Monthly Utilities (Gas, Water, Electricity, Phone, Internet)$200
Monthly Groceries$400
Monthly Entertainment$200
Monthly Insurance (Home, Car, Health)$300
Monthly Other (Transportation, Material Goods)$200
Total Monthly Expense$2,500
Remaining Monthly Income$2,000

Embracing the Delaware Weather

Pack your shorts and your snow boots because the weather in Delaware can be quite diverse. With an average of 200 sunny days, Delaware is no slouch in the good-weather department. Summer temperatures max out around a toasty 85 degrees, perfect for a day at the beach, while winter lows can plunge to a brisk 30 degrees, great for a cozy evening by the fire.

The state gets a feet of snow per year, so white Christmases are possible but not guaranteed. Rain is more common annually though, perfect for those who love the rhythmic sound of raindrops on the window pane. 

In a nutshell, Delaware weather is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get!

Getting Around in Delaware

Congratulations on making Delaware your new home. Now it’s time to explore! Fortunately, getting around in Delaware is as easy as pie. Your main option for public transport is DART First State with its reliable bus and train services.

There’s no need to become a hermit in this well-connected state. Whether you’re commuting to work, heading to a party, or embarking on a scenic drive, Delaware’s transportation options have got you covered. Strap in and get ready for some amazing adventures around the Diamond State!

Navigating the Shopping and Dining Scene in Delaware

So, you’re moving to Delaware, eh? One word: yum! Your palate is about to embark on a delightful journey.

For grocery needs, Whole Foods Market is a common choice. If you like to mix things up a bit, try out Sprouts Farmers Market. Your weekly grocery list won’t know what hit it! For your big shopping needs, Delaware’s retail giants, Walmart and Costco, have got you covered.

But let’s not forget about the food scene in Delaware. Looking to chow down on some local grub? The local options are endless.

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Exploring the Delights of Delaware

Once you’re done unpacking your boxes, it’s time to embrace the “work hard, play hard” motto. Moving to Delaware means a treasure trove of activities at your disposal. Fancy a stroll along the beach?

For the thrill-seekers, Funland is a must-visit with its array of outdoor activities. And don’t forget Cape Henlopen State Park for a dose of history and nature. 

Adventure in Delaware is always just around the corner!

Sports and Recreation in Delaware

Don’t underestimate the sporting scene in Delaware just because it’s the second smallest state. You might be surprised at the options available when it comes to sports and recreation. Whether you’re a spectator or participant, Delaware has you covered. 

It’s home to the Wilmington Blue Rocks, a minor league baseball team that plays in the Carolina League, offering a great family-friendly day out. And for NASCAR fans, Dover International Speedway hosts two major races each year that’ll make your heart race.

If you’re more into doing than watching, you’re in luck. Delaware’s natural landscape offers a variety of outdoor activities. You can go hiking in the state parks, kayaking on the rivers, or even bird watching at the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge. Welcome to your adventure playground!

The Cultural Landscape of Delaware

You didn’t think we’d leave out the arts, did you? Delaware might be small, but its cultural scene is vibrant and diverse. It’s home to the Grand Opera House in Wilmington, which hosts a variety of performances, from opera to comedy. 

The Delaware Art Museum houses a vast collection of works by American artists and illustrators. And don’t forget about the Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival, which showcases indie films from around the world.

There’s also a rich history to explore here, from the historic homes of New Castle to the fascinating museums of Dover. No matter where your interests lie, you’ll find a slice of culture to enjoy in Delaware.


So there you have it, a mini manual to make your move to the delightful Delaware as smooth as a beach pebble. But wait, don’t go just yet. We have a couple of nuggets to wrap this up.

Firstly, Delaware is affectionately known as the “Diamond State.” Now, who wouldn’t want to live in a place that promises the sparkle of a diamond? 

Secondly, it’s the second smallest state in the country but don’t let its size fool you. It’s brimming with opportunities, attractions, and a sense of community that you’ll find truly heartwarming. 

Lastly, despite its size, Delaware is the sixth most densely populated state. Which means, there will be plenty of friendly neighbors to help you settle into your new life.

Now that you are well-equipped with essential information about moving to Delaware, it’s time to pack up, put on your moving shoes, and embrace the adventure that awaits.

With its promise of high-quality life, a move to Delaware might just be the fresh start you are looking for. So here’s to your new journey in the Diamond State – may it sparkle with happiness and prosperity!

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